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Ricardo 2016-05-07
Super legit website! Will buy more stuff soon!
Manuel 2016-05-03
This is actually really good website for gps, very pleased thank you.
Ismael 2016-05-03
6 days delayed transaction, but legit website.
Terranova 2016-04-30
They chargeback as soon as the owner says its ''hacked'' even if you didnt do anything. I dont recommend this
Administrator Reply: All accounts we sell registered with our internal email system, no one else could log in our email even with user and password outside. To judge a runescape account get hacked or not, we just need to recover account for test, JAGEX shows email for most part on appeal page, if the email address got changed, that means the seller recovered account back. So, stop saying its buyer's fault after you recovered the account back. buyers always innocent, only accounts seller scam!
andrew 2016-04-27
nice website
Martijn 2016-04-22
Sold my account a bit of an delayed transaction but works great!
Lars 2016-04-18
Legit. I sold my account for a fair amount of money a couple of weeks ago and today I recieved my payment.
Alix gilderthorp 2016-04-15
Fantastic service, super fast and reliable!
Bob Saget 2016-04-14
If i buy an account but don't want to live chat is there another way?
Administrator Reply: Contact thru email.
Johnathan 2016-04-04
Just bought 50m and received it within 10 mins. Thinking about buying an acc now. :S
Total270Records  Total27Pages   PREV 1  2  3 4 5  6  7  8  NEXT  LAST
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