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NEWS :: 2019 Old School Runescape Chambers of Xeric OSRS Gold Making Guide: 3 M Profit/ Hour2019-07-18

Chambers of Xeric profit rate assumes two raids completed per hour, with the player earning 20,000 points in each. Your actual profit rate will vary greatly depending on speed, luck, and how many points you actually obtain.

Chambers of Xeric OSRS Gold Making Requirements:

It is highly recommended with 90+ Attack/Strength/Defence/Magic/Ranged/70+ Prayer.

A party member better with 55+ Farming /78+ Herblore/ 30+ Construction.

Recommended items:

Shared: Void Knight equipment, Ring of suffering (i)

Melee: Void melee helm, Amulet of torture, Zamorakian hasta, Dragon defender, Dragon warhammer

Ranged: Void ranger helm, Necklace of anguish, Toxic blowpipe with Dragon darts, Armadyl crossbow with Diamond dragon bolts (e), Pegasian boots, Ava's assembler

Magic: Ancestral robe top, Ancestral robe bottom, Occult necklace, Trident of the swamp, Arcane spirit shield, Rune pouch (with runes for water spells)

Items: Dragon pickaxe, Dragon axe, 1-2 Stamina potions, Super combat potion, Ranging potion, Sanfew serum, 1-3 Super restore, High-levelled food for remaining inventory spaces, preferably Saradomin brews.

Quests recommended:

Animal Magnetism done for Ava's accumulator

King's Ransom done for Piety




Per raid, bring the following:
1 x Super combat potion(4) (9,787)
1 x Ranging potion(4) (1,055)
2 x Stamina potion(4) (10,328)
1 x Sanfew serum(4) (20,275)
3 x Super restore(4) (28,008)
5 x Saradomin brew(4) (16,880)
1 x Anglerfish (1,554)
Consumable Dragon darts, Diamond bolts (e), Death runes/Chaos runes/Fire runes and Zulrah's scales (~100k)

Per hour, assuming two 20,000 point raids
0.0133 x Dexterous prayer scroll (707,773)
0.0133 x Arcane prayer scroll (60,796)
0.0033 x Dragon sword (258)
0.0033 x Dragon harpoon (2,065)
0.0033 x 100 Dragon thrownaxe (126)
0.0026 x Twisted buckler (15,741)
0.0026 x Dragon hunter crossbow (295,609)
0.0020 x Dinh's bulwark (13,056)
0.0020 x Ancestral hat (27,817)
0.0020 x Ancestral robe top (115,247)
0.0020 x Ancestral robe bottom (119,549)
0.0020 x Dragon claws (127,910)
0.0013 x Elder maul (18,775)
0.0013 x Kodai insignia (95,931)
0.0013 x Twisted bow (1,344,397)


Nearly all of the profit (87.1%) comes from the raids unique drops. Profit will vary wildly depending on how many unique drops are received. It is not uncommon for players to experience long dry streaks. Raids rewards are based off how many points the team receives. For every 1000 raids points earned, expect 73,626 from unique drops and 12,566 from common drops, for a total of 86,190 per 1000 raids points. Each raid consumes roughly 187,887 in supplies.



From a 10,000 point raid, expect about 847,387 in loot.

From a 15,000 point raid, expect about 1,269,182 in loot.

From a 20,000 point raid, expect about 1,690,196 in loot.

From a 25,000 point raid, expect about 2,110,429 in loot.

From a 30,000 point raid, expect about 2,529,881 in loot.


Chambers of XericPoints gained from the raid are based on player contribution and actions. They can get points from the following:

Attacking monsters, though there are several exceptions:

Penultimate phase of the Great Olm; anytime it regains control of its hands, no points are given for any damage dealt to them.

Damaging a recovered abyssal portal.

When players battle mini-bosses, a "decay" point multiplier is put into effect. For example, players initially have a normal multiplier rate when disabling Link to Vasa Nistirio Vasa Nistirio's crystals, but as the fight progresses, the "decay" will set in and prevent players from obtaining as much points as they normally would.

Completing puzzle rooms

Making shortcuts in large ruin chambers (requiring Woodcutting, Mining and Strength if the obstacle is a rotten sapling, rock or boulder respectively).

The points determine the team's potential rewards at the end of the raid, when the Great Olm is killed. The more points obtained, the higher the chance of obtaining unique loot. The more players in a raid attempt, the higher the points multiplier will be to compensate for increased difficulty. If members of the team leave, the points multiplier will decrease, but the difficulty will remain the same, to prevent players from exploiting additional points in smaller groups.

Note: If a team's average combat level is lower than 115, the total available points will be dramatically decreased as the raid "scales down."

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