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Why buy osrs gold & accounts here?

1.Secure Trade Guarantee.

You never need to worry about the security of your personal information on our site. won't share your information to any third party without your permission. In our completed orders, no one get banned for buying osrs gold.

2.Lowest Price Guarantee.

Unlike most other websites, there are no hidden fees! So the price you see is the price you will pay, without added hidden checkout fees.
We strives to provide cheap osrs gold to worldwide runescape players, and we firmly believe that you can get the better service and the lower price on our site.

3.Instant Delivery.

5 minutes delivery for osrs gold trade, and 10 minutes delivery for osrs account purchase. 24*7 Live customer service assist you on any services, and answer your questions.

4.100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Account4rs was established in 2006, in past decade years, we served over 30K + users, with 200k+ order completed smoothly. You can buy instant osrs gold, manual way osrs powerleveling, secure osrs accounts here, we deserve your trust.

5.Your business partner to sell osrs account

We helped 12,000 + players successfully sold their runescape accounts in past decade years. If you looking for a legit place to sell osrs account, this place would be your wise choice.

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What should I do after placing an order?

Please contact our live-support after ordering and we will promptly deliver your orders.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal as an instant checkout, as well as Western Union, Bank Wire or Bitcoints for bulk orders.

How do I know you guys are safe?

We've been in the Runescape RWT business for over 11 years since 2006. We have served thousands of customers over this time. We have since grown to become one of the top RS gold selling sites.

How can I sell gold to Account4rs?

There are a number of ways to go about selling. Preferably you should send us a message on Live Chat and we will make you an offer for your RS Gold, collect your gold in game and then pay you directly to your PayPal account.

Will I need to provide ID?

It depends on a number of factors, however, generally you should be prepared to provide a photo of a government issued ID (state ID, passport, drivers license) when placing an order for RS Gold incase we ask for it. Most major gold websites request this to prevent identity theft and chargeback fraud and you are assured privacy with your information. If you are unwilling to provide ID upon request after you have placed an order, your payment will be refunded.

What are my chances of being banned?

Account4rs can proudly say that we have not had any of our customers banned for purchasing Runescape Gold for personal use. However, RWT is against Runescape's Code of Conduct, and as such we do not take responsibility for bans taken place after a trade. Generally, buying RS Gold is very safe - like we've mentioned - out of the thousands of customers we've served since 2006, none have been permanently banned as a result of buying gold from us.

What is your Refund Policy?

If WE are unable to deliver your order in a time frame we consider to be reasonable (in most cases, a maximum of 24 hours), we will offer you a full refund. An order may be modified at any time before delivery between products, however once an order has been successfully delivered, there are no refunds. However, if you want to sell rs gold back, we would give you a price for buying your gold back.

I've sent an e-check, but I did not mean to. How do I cancel it?

If you have mistakenly sent a pending e-check, you may log onto our live chat to request a refund. If you wish to receive an instant delivery, you may place the order with a valid credit card. Our live chat representatives can guide you through this process and will answer any questions you might have.

How do I avoid sending an e-check?

An e-check results when a payment is sent from an unverified account without sufficient balance of your Paypal or Moneybookers account to cover the cost of the order. The payment provider must contact your bank to verify that funds are available, thus the cause of the 3 to 4 day delay. To avoid sending an e-check, first complete the verification process for your account, and then make sure the funds are present in your Paypal or Moneybookers account. To confirm your payment type, just click the blue hyperlink of "choose more funding options" before placing the order, and you may determine which option is currently selected for your payment, and what payment options your account supports.

What is a pending e-check, and why do I need to wait for it to clear?

A pending e-check is a type of payment option available with Paypal. A pending e-check is just like writing a normal check, except electronically. Just like normal checks, pending e-checks take a few days to clear while Paypal verifies the funds are present within the senders account. Once the check has cleared, the money is transferred to Account4rs's account and then delivery can take place immediately thereafter.

How can I communicate with Account4rs after my echeck payment has been cleared?

You can contact us via Live Help, e-mail. Please quote your order number to ensure your enquiry is dealt with swiftly.

What security precautions are taken to protect my personal information?

Account4rs is committed to protecting all personal information. We have various systems in place to screen each and every order for anything that might seem amiss.
Account4rs has taken security measures to protect customer Credit Card number and order information, and the information submitted will never be disclosed to any third parties.

Customer TestimonialsMore

  • Tommy2020-08-14

    Bought an Account on here. Said I have to wait 30days to change email. I can see the reason why. So far so good and hope it will stay that way. Will buy more account in future if fully legit

  • Willy M2020-05-24

    Amazing service, After I messed up the order they were very nice about it and after me messing it up they even restarted the 1-99 att str def powerleveling after they had almost finished it with me messing it up. Best service ever. I have been playing this game for years buying from many people this website by far the best service ever!

  • N2020-05-21

    Best Site for powerlvl and gold buying and selling and account buy and sell I've had

  • IronTarkus2020-05-13

    Been using this site for years, never had any problems. Always friendly and quick delivery.

  • Bubba2020-04-26

    Really good stuff

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