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For these packages below,they are for osrs accounts. we will train the account you selected from the skill stats get quests done with it. after we done quests, the account will have some extra skills stats, and for Dersert Treasure quest, the account attack xp will be raised. so the attack level wont be the same as the product name showing.(be aware of this).

1. for Dersert Treasure quests, If you ordered 40 attack, 70 strength, 1 defense, 70 ranged account with it. at last , the account attack level will be more than 40. so if you ordered 50 attack account, at last the attack level will be 50+. plz be aware of this.
2. plz be a little patient with these packages, gamer need to train some more required skills stats for quests. we will hurry trainer to finish the order for you asap.
3. When our trainer finished accounts with the quests you picked up. we will email you the account information thru email.


  • Account4rs Offer accounts
  • Customer offer accounts
  • Special pure accounts pre-prepared by our trainers
Account4rs Offer the accounts to get the quests done for u.
Select Basing accounts:
Select quests package:
Time Needed:
Product name:
You Offer the accounts to get the quests done for u.
Products Name Price Buy Now
Dersert Treasure with 43 prayer package $90.00 Buy Now
Dersert Treasure without 43 prayer package $110.00 Buy Now
Dragon Slayer II package $350.00 Buy Now
Mithril gloves and Dersert Treasure (43 prayer) both done package $115.00 Buy Now
Mithril gloves and Dersert Treasure (remain 11 prayer) both done package $135.00 Buy Now
Mithril gloves and monkey madness (remain 43 prayer) both done $70.00 Buy Now
mithril gloves and monkey madness (without 43 prayer) both done $90.00 Buy Now
Mithril gloves package $45.00 Buy Now
Mithril gloves, Dersert Treasure (remain 11 prayer) and monkey madness done $215.00 Buy Now
Mithril gloves, Dersert Treasure (remain 43 prayer) and monkey madness done $160.00 Buy Now
Monkey Madness with 43 prayer package $40.00 Buy Now
Monkey Madness without 43 prayer package $60.00 Buy Now
Recipe for disaster package $240.00 Buy Now
Combat Level Notable Skill Gold(M) Buy Now
Total Level: 807
Quest Points: 65
Account ID: 

View Profile Buy Now
52 99 1 75 23 54 31 31 34 53

OSRS account combat level 74 with 52 attack, 99 strength, 1 defense, 75 ranged, 23 prayer, 54 magic, total level 807, quest points 65 with desert treasure (11 prayer) and Monkey madness (11 prayer) mithril gloves done. its a special pure account. trained by our own trainer, 100% no recover back. no offense.. Quested Attack XP, Quested Prayer XP. 50 QP, 

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  • Tommy2020-08-14

    Bought an Account on here. Said I have to wait 30days to change email. I can see the reason why. So far so good and hope it will stay that way. Will buy more account in future if fully legit

  • Willy M2020-05-24

    Amazing service, After I messed up the order they were very nice about it and after me messing it up they even restarted the 1-99 att str def powerleveling after they had almost finished it with me messing it up. Best service ever. I have been playing this game for years buying from many people this website by far the best service ever!

  • N2020-05-21

    Best Site for powerlvl and gold buying and selling and account buy and sell I've had

  • IronTarkus2020-05-13

    Been using this site for years, never had any problems. Always friendly and quick delivery.

  • Bubba2020-04-26

    Really good stuff

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