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I sold two accounts and purchased multiple from this website. I was paid when they said I would be and great customer service. Would recommend this to anyone! Thanks!
Aaron Dean
Troy Is the best. Extremely fast. Less then 5 minutes. guy deserves a raise accounts4rs.Best servicee ever!!!
Mr Et
Just got a level 120 account. Hopefully I keep this account forever. Customer service dealt with all my annoying questions.
Been using this site for 5 years, bought 1B from them like a month ago, was not sure if it would go through as the guy was saying pay with western union but i paid with paypal instead, still worked, got my money in 3 trades, trustworthy and thumbs up from me :)
Most legit site ever bought over 300m .... a few power levels and firecape service only thing is they are different time zone so be patient with account service I love waking up to seeing my account with a lot of gains
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Armadyl body $11.77
Armadyl chainskirt $16.79
Armadyl chestplate $19.19
armadyl godsword $55.19
Armadyl helmet $3.59
Armadyl hilt $56.39
Bandos chestplate $21.59
Bandos godsword $6.99
Bandos hilt $8.46
Bandos tassets $22.79
Berserker ring $4.83
Blue hween mask $212.39
Blue partyhat $2001.59
Brackish blade $2.06
Disk of returning $289.08
Divine spirit shield $922.91
Draconic visage $18.13
Dragon 2h sword $2.39
Dragon chain armour set (sk) $7.19
Dragon chainbody $5.99
Dragon claws $20.39
Dragon full helm $56.39
Dragon pickaxe $16.92
Dragon plate armour set (lg) $68.94
Dragon plate armour set (sk) $58.05
Dragon platebody $11.99
Dragonfire shield $16.79
Easter egg $131.83
Elysian sigil $598.74
Green hween mask $153.59
Green partyhat $1647.59
lost city for Rashed $3.50
Onyx ring $14.50
Payment for 1b osrs gold we lent u few days ago $1134.00
Pernix body $1020.89
Pernix cowl $221.34
Pumpkin $295.19
Purple partyhat $1412.39
Ranger boots $35.99
Red hween mask $283.19
Red partyhat $1766.39
Robin Hood hat $5.99
Santa hat $146.35
Saradomin godsword $32.39
Saradomin hilt $36.28
Saradomin sword $7.19
special deal for 100m07 gold $148.00
special deal for account 20170408GMQ102 $45.00
Special deal for powerleveling level 3 accont to be 40attack 40strength 80defence with dragon slayer quest done $180.00
special deal for Tyson about 50M old school gold $56.00
special deal with $4.00
special deal withr full void $14.00
Spectral spirit shield $56.84
Statius's warhammer $22.97
Third-age amulet $139.19
Third-age druidic cloak $353.99
Third-age druidic robe $290.39
Third-age druidic robe top $455.99
Third-age druidic staff $98.39
Third-age druidic wreath $383.99
Third-age full helmet $51.59
Third-age kiteshield $95.99
Third-age mage hat $35.99
Third-age mage set $160.79
Third-age melee set $431.99
Third-age platebody $147.59
Third-age platelegs $155.99
Third-age range coif $8.39
Third-age range legs $46.79
Third-age range top $56.39
Third-age ranger set $94.79
Third-age robe $57.59
Third-age robe top $115.19
Third-age vambraces $5.99
Torva full helm $291.59
Torva platebody $491.09
Vesta's longsword $53.21
Virtus robe legs $157.24
Virtus robe top $194.73
White partyhat $2236.79
Yellow partyhat $1529.99
Zamorak bow $7.19
Zamorak godsword $11.99
Zamorak hilt $13.19
Zaryte Bow $157.19